You reserved hotel online but for certain reason need to cancel hotel booking. What you need to do? First of all you need to know that every hotel sets rules of booking of their own. There is no unique single rule applied to hotel bookings worldwide.

If you decided to cancel hotel booking, you should double check conditions of this particular hotel, that are listed in your booking confirmation. These conditions were accepted by you at the stage of booking hotel room.

In most cases you can cancel hotel reservation few days before the date of arrival in hotel.

Rules and conditions of the reservation are different: in some hotels, as a rule with lower price range, certain amount will be charged to cancel the booking. This will be the amount of one night stay.

Cancellation of hotel booking you already paid for.

But you have already paid for the room in hotel and would like to cancel it completely, what to do? Depending on the rules of the booking system and the hotel rules you can be reimbursed the whole amount or get partial refund. The amount for refund will depend on the category of the room and of the hotel.

In most cases you will be able to cancel the hotel reservation via booking systems online. You need to:

  • login to your account,
  • find confirmation form of hotel reservation,
  • find bookmark “cancel order” and press it.

This way you will notify administration of the site that you are cancelling your order.

If you have any concerns or are not sure of the conditions of the hotel room you booked and conditions of cancellation, you can always send a ticket to the booking system administration. Also you can contact hotel administration directly to get instructions on termination of your booking.

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