The process of booking hotels online is rather simple and does not require any special efforts.

Filters for hotel booking

When making booking online you can narrow your search by:

  • Selecting the city you are going to travel;
  • Point out number of people who are travelling and need hotel;
  • Specify way of payment – either online or in the hotel upon arrival;
  • Check reviews of people who stayed in the hotel;
  • Pay attention to the location of the most needed places of the city, train station or airport;
  • Number of stars of the hotel;
  • Availability of internet, swimming pool, 24 hours a day services, parking, SPA, etc.;
  • Type of the hotel – is this a hostel, small hotel or a chain?
  • Price per night;
  • Price including discounts;

You can start playing with the list, sorting out what is most important for you.

Finally you will have the ideal list of hotel you are searching for.

How to book hotel online

Fill out the form on the website you selected, choose dates of your trip, exact match or a more flexible option, which is +- few days from the dates mentioned. Then define the number of nights you are planning to stay in the hotel.

Booking forms also have a line for specifying number of adults and kids travelling. After that you can define your preferred type of rooms.

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After having selected the hotel you need to enter personal information: name, surname, age of children traveling with you, contact phone number, email and credit card information for confirmation of hotel booking.

Hotel prices and conditions of booking

Sometimes you can see several rooms of the same type in the same hotel but the price will be different. The lower price for the hotel room may be due to less number of services. For example rest room may be in the same floor but not in the room you liked, while same room with shower will cost a bit more.
Twin and double bedrooms can be also offered at the same price.
Keep in mind that room with a balcony may be more expensive in comparison to the room without window. Or you would need to pay some extra money for a beautiful view from your terrace or the windows of the hotel.

How to pay for hotel rooms

In order to guarantee hotel booking some of the hotels may block 1 night cost of the room. The hotel or hostel can block the amount in the day of check in or on the eve of arrival, several days before you come to the hotel.

More expensive hotels can block full amount for your stay.
As soon as you come to the hotel and pay cash blocked amount on your card will be released.

Some of the hotels accept payment only in cash. These are usually smaller hotels, apartments and villas. You will be asked to pay the rest of amount upon arrival in local currency.

City tax can be added to the price of the hotel in some popular tourist places.

Additional services availiable in hotels

Internet, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, parking, ironing services for kids and additional bed are available in most of the hotels.

If any of the hotel services listed above is crucial for you better to check in advance if those are possible in the hotel.

If you arrived to a new place don’t forget to take address and phone number of the hotel you booked, if a taxi driver doesn’t know the way to get to it you can always call and double check.

Getting to the hotel you booked

If you are planning to use public transportation, it is better to check the route in advance and clear up the route. On some websites of the hotels they list bus numbers and schedule and details route how to get to the hotel from the airport or train station.

You also ask for transportation services in the hotel you reserved or simply take taxi.

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