We have listed most common abbreviations for hotel room types and meals to help you when selecting a hotel or travel package.

Types of hotel rooms SGL – single

DBL – double

TRPL– triple

Suite–luxury accommodation

EXB – extra bed in room

Chld (child) –  price for a child is usually included for accommodation with 2 adults

ROH (run of house) – type of room, which will be known only upon arriving to the hotel

SVsea view hotel room

SSV – sea side view hotel room

GV– garden view room

MV– mountain view room

BV– beach view room CV – city view

LV – land view OC – ocean view

PV– pool view

RV– river view

Abbreviations for meals and lodging in hotels

meals and lodging in hotels OB/RO(no meals)accommodation in hotel without meals

BB (breakfast only) – accommodation in hotels with breakfasts only– American style or continental breakfasts

HB– accommodation with meals two times a day. As a rule these are breakfasts and dinners. Drinks are supplied at additional costs

HB+accommodation in hotel with meals 2 times a day, – breakfast and dinner. Drinks are included. During any other period of time except for breakfast and dinner all drinks are charged additionally.

FB (full board) – 3 times meals in hotel (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Drinks during lunch and dinner are not included.

FB + (full board extended) – 3 times meals in hotel (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Drinks are included into the cost during lunch and dinner, during any other period of time are charged additionally.

Al, All inclusive – includes not only 3 times meals but also such services as light breakfast, snacks, and light dinner. Drinks are included. Sometimes these can be only drinks of local production and the rest is to be paid additionally.

UALL – same as All Inclusive, with drinks of local production and foreign production, the last is usually limited.

DLAI, ELAAL, EAL,  AEAL,  Royal AL – extended meals on the basis of All Inclusive, as a rule the list of alcohol drinks included differ.

Continental Breakfast – light breakfast consisting of coffee, tea, juice,bread, cream and jam.

English Breakfast – full breakfast, consisting of juice, tea or coffee, eggs, bacon, toasts, jam.

American Breakfast – similar to continental breakfast, also includes sliced bacon, cheese, bread or toasts, fired or poached eggs, sausages, jam or jelly, cornflakes or other cereal.

Menu– limited number of meals from the menu, except for seafood.

A-la carte – list of the menu, where each item has its own price separately. A lot of hotels, offering UALL also include free a-la carte.

Hotel room abbreviations most commonly used in tourism

hotel room abbreviations Standard – 1 room

1 APT – 1 bedroom apartments

2 APT– 2 bedroom apartments

APTS –  similar to modern 2 rooms or more apartments with kitchen

BGbungalow, a stand alone building consisting of several rooms, with separate entrances from the street.

DELUXE– advanced comfort rooms

DPL – duplex 2 storeroom

Family room– a room a bit bigger then a standard one, 1 bedroom or more often 2 bedrooms

Honeymoon room – room for just married

HV– holiday villages, a category of bungalow

KSB – king size bed, more then 180 cm

King suite – king size sofa in bedroom

MB – main building

New building  – accommodation in a new building of hotel

Studio– 1 bedroom or a studio with a divider from kitchen area

Suite – 1 bedroom of higher quality with a living zone

Executive Suite – 2 bedrooms suite

Junior Suite – 1 bedrooms, improved. Place for sleeping can be separated and turned into a living room during a day.

Mini Suite – 1 bedroom type of hotel lodging, improved, bigger then Standard or Superior.

Senior Suite – hotel room of better comfort, with a bedroom and living room

Superior – 1 bedroom, more then a standard one

Superior Shalt- chalet of a higher quality

Connected rooms (connection) – hotel rooms joined with each other, and separated with a door, which can be locked from one side.

We hope our brief guide on Hotel Room Abbreviations will help you plan vacations and will have enjoyable time.

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