Best place to sit on plane is one of the major conditions to make your flight comfortable.

Experienced travelers know aircraft configuration and select best seat on plane when booking flight.

Your mood for several hours will depend on how convenient you feel, either in an aisle or window seat.


Select best seats in right rows

Depending on aircraft configuration in some rows the seats are with fixed back only and in some can be regulated.

Window seats allow you to enjoy the views during the flight.

Keep in mind that some plane seats will be a bit noisy because of the engines, or the seats located closer to the technical assistance area.

Best seats on plane

Best place to sit on plane with more comfort

We are going to describe best place to sit on plane in more details so that you could chose what you need.


Why to select window seats

Select window seats on plane if you prefer better lighting and seeing the landscapes and sky.

If your trip is during day time then you can read without turning on the lights above.

No one will disturb you each time going to the restroom and you will peacefully spend whole journey in your corner.

Clouds and sky will keep you entertained during the flight trip.

The disadvantage of window seats is that you would need to bother your neighbors each time you need to get up.


Is aisle seat the best?

The advantage of the aisle seats on plane is obvious – you can stretch your legs, get up, walk and to go the rest room without bothering people sitting nearby.

Though you would need to get up every time your neighbors need to go to the restroom. Also when stewardesses will be delivering food you can be disturbed from time to time if siting in an aisle seat.


Where to sit on plane – seats in the middle of the row

These are sometimes called the neutral seats.

Seats in the middle of the row on plane are more calm and peaceful places in comparison to the aisle seats and you will be less disturbed by the passengers.


Get the best airplane seat – exit row seats

The advantage of exit row seats is more space for feet in front of the passenger.

There are certain limitations though applied for travelers taking exit row seats. You will not be allowed to keep your bag with you in case you prefer to take exit row seat on plane.

According to security requirements space around exit row seats must be free so that in case of emergency the passengers could quickly leave the plane.

Before the flight starts the stewardesses will ask if you speak English and if you don’t mind sitting on these places.

The air companies may not allow passengers travelling with children, pets and aged persons to take exit row seats for security reasons.

In some planes there is no such row at all, and the whole space in front of the emergency exit is free.

Seats in the row that is in front of the exit row are equipped with fixed backs.


Do you prefer safest place to sit on plane

Seats in the tail of the plane are considered to be the most safe.

The disadvantage of seats in the tail of plane is that they cannot be fixed for sleeping since this is the last row.

Also during the flight passengers will keep coming and leaving, since toilet room is located right there.

Stewardesses will be getting ready to distribute food on the board in the tail of plane.

Statistics says that 67% of people who survived air crushes were in the tail of the plane.

In some planes they open the doors for passengers in two places – at the beginning of the plane and at the end.

This is why you can be also be the first to leave the plane.

On the flights that are not extremely popular, seats in the tail of the plane most probably will remain empty.


Choosing aircraft seat in first rows of plane

When you are thinking of getting best place to sit on plane consider first rows.

Then you will be served food first and you can be the first leaving the aircraft upon landing.

These seats are often assigned for families with small kids.

If you are sitting in the first row in economy class – be sure that no one in front of you will put the back of the seat down.

But some people just don’t like to stare at the wall during whole trip.


How to get airplane seats you want

In order to get the best place to sit on plane you can do few simple steps.

Check model of the aircraft and seats configuration.

This is not complicated given that you have model of the plane. Then you can find information about distances between the rows, location of restrooms, etc.

If you are certain which seat you want to get on plane then mark this seat as preferred one during purchase of the flight online or later during check- in, when getting registered for the flight.

Modern airports offer self registration services in airports, when you would have to register yourself at special registration box.

Then you can select the seat yourself then as well. Free and busy seats will be marked with different colors accordingly.

If you plan to get registered for the flight traditional way it is advisable to arrive to the airport 2 hours before the departure.

You will still have a chance to get best place to sit on plane, since 100 % of the passengers will not check in online.

So you are on plane and still unhappy with the seat? Ask stewardesses to offer you another seat, and if there are vacant seats that would not be a problem to move or exchange seats with another traveler.

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