Some tips on travelling to another country to get ready for vacations. What do you need to know before the departure and what do you need to do? Make sure your name is spelled correctly in all your documents – air tickets, insurance, hotel booking confirmation. Keep e-versions of all you travel documents just in […]

Overbooked flights are the common practice used by airlines all over the world, meaning that they sell more seats then are actually available in a plane. Why air companies allow overbooked flights and what can passengers do in case they turn out to be registered for the overbooked flight. Why are airlines allowed to overbook? […]

To be ready for vacations you need to be well organized and be ready with the list of what to pack for travel. It is hardly possible to travel without a earphones nowadays. We love to listen to the music or watch a movie when waiting for registration in the airport or train station. Our […]

When travelling we pay attention to the airport abbreviations on the flight tickets and boarding passes. Same abbreviations are used on the luggage invoices and in the airports on flight schedule screens. In most cases there is nothing complicated to understand the international airport codes but sometimes it is not clear from the first sight. […]

  1 dollar – is it enough to buy something? What can you buy for 1 USD? We suggest brief information for travelers about things to buy for 1 dollar around the world. If your plan is traveling to Cambodia then you can count for happy hours to get best deal: fried frog, 2 cans […]

Still want to have vacations in summer? It is not too late – plan holidays in October and you will have wonderful relaxing rest. Most of people are trying to go on holidays in spring or during summer months. Everybody has obligations with jobs and families that’s why going on vacations in October or late […]

Best place to sit on plane is one of the major conditions to make your flight comfortable. Experienced travelers know aircraft configuration and select best seat on plane when booking flight. Your mood for several hours will depend on how convenient you feel, either in an aisle or window seat.   Select best seats in […]

What is e-ticket? – was the question people asked when those appeared for sale. Now abbreviation for electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a commonly used term and we do not consider it as innovation. E-tickets are used more often as they are comfortable and fast to issue in comparison to paper tickets. Everybody with access to internet […]

Where to go in March for the best vacations ever? March is a great month for travelling. This is the beginning of spring, even though the weather is still a bit chilly in some places, New Year holidays are behind and people are willing to have rest from winter. March is still a great possibility […]

Traveling to another country and would like to stay in a comfortable place? Plenty of tourists prefer to book apartment for vacations instead of a hotel. Straying in the apartment for holidays or on business trip gives number of advantages. How to book apartment for vacations? Booking apartment for the period of vacations is basically […]


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