Swiss International Air Lines starting from March 27, 2016 starts providing free WIFI access to the internet. Another new option offered by Swiss Airlines will be possibility to make calls from the board of the airplane. These new services will be available on Boeing 777-300ER, performing flights mainly to Hon Kong, Bangkok, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Paolo and Tel Aviv.

Swiss Airlines company ordered 10 new aircrafts and the first one was already shipped on the 29th of January.
Passengers of any class flying by Swiss Airlines will be able to select one of three packages for internet access.

Prices for Internet packages on the board of plane

  1. The first internet package (20Mb) will cost about $9.
  2. Second package (50 Mb) will be sold at 19 franks and the third one (120Mb) – 39 franks.
  3. Business class passengers will have free access to internet with the limit of 50 Mb.

Roaming services on airplanes

Roaming services on the board of Boring 777 will be provided in test regime during a year. Passengers will have an option of sending sms and making calls. Price for roaming will depend on the agreement of mobile operators and the roaming provider AeroMobile.

In future WIFI internet and possibility to make calls during flights will be available on other remote flights performed by Swiss Airlines, on A330 and A340.

Currently on Swiss-Luftthansa it is allowed to make calls and access internet during flights.

On more remote flights of the air company it is possible to use internet at the coat of EUR 9 per one hour and up to EUR 17 for the unlimited access during whole trip, up to 24 hours.

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