Roaming charges will be terminated on the territory of EU starting June 15, 2017. The representatives of European Union, European Parliament and EU commission have agreed upon wholesale prices for the communication services on the territory of European Union on the 1st of February 2017. This gives time for mobile services providers to prepare for the changes which will be applied on 15th of June this year.

One of major change in mobile services communication tariffs is the establishment of cap prices. Calls within Europe will be charged maximum at EUR 0,32 for 1 minute of conversation from June 15 2017.

Sending a text message will cost EUR 0,01.

1GB of internet traffic will be charged at EUR 7,7. Though tariff for internet will be reviewed in the nearest future and by 2022 they expect to reduce it up to 2,5 EUR.

Mobile services providers expressed concern about the new restrictions. There is a danger that people will start using sim cards of other countries, where mobile services are relatively cheaper. In order to prevent this happen user will be allowed to use the sim card of the country in which he lives for long period of time.

Otherwise the operator will be eligible to apply roaming charges in the amount of up to 0,04 EUR per minutes of conversation and 0,01 EUR for SMS. Internet traffic will be charged at 0,0085 EUR per Mb.

Good news is that already this summer EU travelers in EU countries will pay same amount for mobile calls, text messages and internet traffic as they pay at home. Roam like at home makes communication cheaper and more affordable.

Operators can offer other deals for mobile services, which may reduce the costs mentioned above. In case mobile services customers have any questions or issues to solve they should contact mobile services provider in their country directly.

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