American Airlines following the changes in luggage regulations of United will introduce a new type of tariff for economy class. These innovations assume that hand luggage size will be restricted and reduced, also passengers of airplanes will have limited access to the luggage shelves.


Starting February 10 the air company will start selling the tickets for new tariff: Basic Economy. According to the conditions of this tariff passengers are allowed to take on board only a small bag. The size of this bag should be sufficient to be put under the seat in front, which is a requirement for this type of tickets.


The order of entrance to the place is going to change as well – from now on passengers with Basic Economy tickets will be the last to enter the plane. This is done to prevent a situation when passengers flying by Basic Economy tickets use space on shelves meant for other types of tickets.


In case passengers travel with an item exceeding the allowed size of hand luggage, they will have to hand it over during the registration and pay USD 25 standard American Airlines tariff. Alternatively 25 dollars cans be paid at the gates when the boarding starts.


The new air ticket tariff also means other new restrictions, like no free seat selection. According to new introduction the seat will be assigned by the system automatically during registration. Fortunately there is an option to change the seat, but no earlier then 48 hours before the departure out of the seats available for that moment.


Currently then cheapest tariff offered on the flights of American Airlines of Economy Class is Main Cabin. The conditions of this type of tickets allow to take hand luggage of standard sizes on board, also one personal item – a notebook for example, free selection of the seat during flight booking and possibility of upgrading the class of services.


The low cost company Spirit was the first to introduce new hand luggage restrictions for their flights. In Europe Wizz Air company uses this practice from 2012. They have two types of hand luggage – small and big, which passengers can select at extra fee.

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