Most expensive cities of the world have been announced in latest research. During study performed by Economist Intelligence Unit the city of Singapore was identified as the most expensive city in the world for the third time.

The leading positions in this list belong to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Zurich.

Zurich is on the second place and Hong Kong is on the third place. Then follow Geneva, Paris, London, New York, Copenhagen, Seoul and LA.

How did the researches come to a conclusion which is the most expensive place in the world?

It is always interesting to know how it is possible to define between a number of places and select the one, where costs for living are the highest. In case of identifying the most expensive place specialists were taking into account prices for food, clothes and every day goods.

They also took into account average salaries received by local people, price for petrol, cigarettes.

Another criteria used were prices for public transport, municipal services costs and rent. Cleaning services and costs for the education were counted in this research as well.

In order to produce this report 140 of the world’s cities were evaluated. Based on this information the most the list of the most expensive cities of the world was revealed in 2016.

If you are going to visit a place and not sure whether is not to expensive, think of things you are going to do there and check against the costs of alternative place. For example: prices in hotel of the same range and approximately same location, food in the restaurant, car rent costs, flight ticket expenses, train tickets prices, etc.

Now you know what are the most expensive cities for living and travel. Hope you find this information helpful for planning your further trips.

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