Biggest flower exhibition will open in the capital of Germany on the 13th of April 2017. Guests and citizens of Berlin will have a marvelous opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of local landscape designers.

Another advantage of visiting flower exhibition is getting to know modern traditions of gardens arrangements in South Western Asia, Africa and in Australia.

As of now more then 1500 trees and hundreds of bulb plants were planted.

Opening of the exhibition is not going to be the only event in Berlin – the tourists and locals will enjoy opening of the observation deck Volkenhein.

It is located on the highest point of Kinberg hill and reminds a futuristic object from the future in shape.

You can take rope road to enjoy marvelous views of the capital of Germany and flower fields of the festival.

The flower exhibition will be open during half of the year till the middle of October.

Entrance to flower exhibition will cost EUR 20.

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