Thousands of tourists are visiting Paris with the intention to go on the top of Eiffel Tower and see the picturesque panorama of the city. Paris is a very popular destination and every year number of visitors grows. As a result during high tourist season thousands of people are bound to waiting in queues to see the best of Paris. Eiffel Tower is not an exception – kilometers of tourists’ queues can sometimes be seen on the way to the entrance.

Things are going to change and according to the statement of main Department of Tourism in Paris this issue will be solved very soon. On the eve of upcoming Olympic Games of 2024 and the World Exhibition in 2025 local authorities put all their efforts to improve the infrastructure of the city and make it as comfortable for tourists as possible. They hope this will help to increase their chances for victory of Paris.

It is planned that EUR20 mln will be provided to improve access to higher levels of the Eiffel Tower.

Currently the high priority issue to be solved is the queues of tourists waiting to go up to the observation spot on the top floor of the Tower. Those who are willing to go only to the first level at the height of 150 meters do not observe any difficulties reaching it.

It is also stated that partially the budget will be spent to paint Eiffel Tower. 60 tones of paint is needed for Eiffel Tower. There is even special paint brand, called “brown Eiffel”.

If you are going to visit Eiffel Tower and would like to plan in advance – you can book entrance tickets at the official Eiffel Tower website. But remember to check if any maintenance is on during dates of your trip – that may effect regular working hours and number of people in queues may grow.

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