Are you looking for a different travel experience? Something really alternative, to feel adrenaline and never forget the unusual experiment? Most of people are looking for visiting regular tourist places and do things most of travelers do. But what you need to look at the world from a different perspective?

To implement your different holidays ideas travel to India.

Indian state of Telangana opened an unusual attraction for tourists willing go through different travel experience. Telengana is the state in India covering the territory of 114,840m2. In size this is the 12th largest state in country. Statistics says the population of Telengana is 35, 286,000 citizens.

They offer to spend a night in an old prison for just 500 INR.

This kind of tourism became a kind of brand and even received a name – Telangana tourism.

Different travel experience for adventure lovers

The main idea of opening such tourist attraction is to remind people that one should stay away from any criminal related actions.

The premises of the prison were built in 1796 and used to belong to British armed cavalry.

Later it was reconstructed for the purposes of prison, which was closed only 4 years ago.

After the prison was reconstructed it was turned into museum telling about crime and life in prisons of India.

Now anybody willing to try different travel experience can spend 1 day in the prison for only 500 INR.

This includes providing special suit and bedroom items, soap and tableware. During time spent inside the museum the “prisoners” can clean the barracks or take care of plants on the territory of the prison.

The aim of this project is not only to develop tourism but also to show how severe life  in a prison can be.

If interested check our manual of how book a flight and enjoy your vacations. May be this one will be your most memorable travel experience.

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