Did you ever have a situation when you needed to rent hotel for few hours only?

Some of the hotels in Prague are going to introduce pay per hour system in 2017. This type of service is called Day-use. The plan is to introduce Day use in Prague in January 2017.

This is comfortable and cost saving for tourists waiting for the plane or train, when they pay for the rent of the hotel for the time they actually spent there.

Moreover, price for renting hotel for few hours during a day will be provided with discount. In some cases the amount of price reduction would be 75% from the total cost of daily hotel room rate.

The minimum time for rent of the hotel under Day use is 2 hours. Currently such a system is already successfully working in 16 countries.

Day use hotels are great opportunity to save and recharge during trip. There is nothing easier, – check-in and check-out same day.

Hotels with hourly rates already operate in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Dubai, London, Madrid and other cities of the world.

Hotels are available for booking in the morning, middle of the day and for afternoon stay. Luxury and cheap hotels are offering renting hotel room per hour and you can select the one that best fits your needs and budget.

How to get hotel for few hours?

Reservation of the day use hotel can be made online. Hotel room reservation is free of charge, payment is to be made at the hotel.

The room you booked can be cancelled without any fines up to the night prior to your arrival. When making a reservation read carefully all the conditions of the hotel room booking – some may vary and offer only non-refundable bookings.

Booking a room for few hours, free wifi, parking and breakfast or dinner – all may be a part of day use booking.

Day time bookings are a way out to escape from a noisy office, concentrate on your work and get maximum done without being interrupted. Allow yourself to move your working space to a nice cozy atmosphere of the hotel for a change.

If you are on business trip and need a place to stop and rest for few hours – no need to overpay any more, – pay only for the time you are going to spend in the hotel.

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