The list of most cheap cities in Europe was announced this year. The leading positions among the most non expensive travel spots are the capital and resorts of Bulgaria.
According to research of tourist portal Trivago the aim was to define budget and most popular tourist destinations in the capitals of Europe and the resorts.

Daily rates for staying in the most non expensive places

The first place among the most non expensive European cities belongs to Sofia city in Bulgaria.

  • The average cost for accommodation in Sofia will be within 67 dollars per day.
  • The second place belongs to Scopie, in Macedonia. The average cost of accommodation here will be 70 dollars per night.
  • The third place among the most affordable places belongs to Sarayevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina – 74 dollars per night.

Varna city in Bulgaria is the most cheap budget resort city – 54 dollars per night.
In Budziba city travelers can book accommodation at 71.5 dollars in average. The Golden beach of Bulgaria offers hotels at 74.5 in average per night.

What is the most expensive place to stay in Europe?

The list if the most costly spots is defined as following:

  • The first place for the most expensive places in Europe is taken by London – 267 dollars per night.
  • Bern is on the second place – 219 dollars
  • Paris is on the third place – 196 dollars.

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