Tourists who build sand castles at the sea coast of Magaluf in Majorca will be penalized. The announcement was made on the 3d of May 2017 by the administration of Spanish municipality of Calvia.

In total, they prepared a list of 109 possible violations, for which tourists will be fined. The aim of the introduction of these strict requirements is to bring an order to the island of Majorca.

Restrictions on building sand castles are not the only measure undertaken by local authorities. In the list of 109 things not allowed to do in Majorca they also listed picking flowers from flower beds in the city, drinking water from fountains, pouring dirty water under the trees.

The municipal authorities introduced fines to be paid by tourists violating these rules. For example building of sand castle is set at EUR 100 fine payment.

Majorca is not the only place where strict rules for tourists exist in Spain  – Vilia de Ariko in the island of Tenerife, in Muro, the island of  Majorca and in Arteikho, Galicia are known as places where a number of common things tourists do at the seacoast,  is not allowed.  For example building sand castle here might cost you EUR 1500!

building sand castles is not allowed in some places

Almost three-year restriction period for the sand building is set at some German beaches.  These are mainly the islands of Fehmarn, Sylt, and Schleswig – Holstein.

Some of the cities established a bit softer rules for building sand castles, for example in the city of Neishtadt tourists are allowed to build the sand sculptures, the height of which doesn’t exceed 20cm.

Italy is not an exception in this regard, – if you build sand castles in the city if Eraclea near Venice you will be fined in the amount of EUR 250.

Most often the restrictions for building sand castles on the sea coast are introduced to avoid any obstacle, which might appear in case of emergency for the rescue team and need for urgent medical aid.

Another reason why sand castles are not allowed at the sea coasts is that some tourists complain that these sculptures limit the view and they cannot enjoy the sea view.

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