Everybody who is traveling often knows about tourist tax to be paid. Usually, it is calculated per night stay and the amount is not that big, but in total anyway increases the amount due for staying in particular locations.

More and more cities introduce additional payments for the tourists in order to keep under control the number of tourist flow or to get funds for the municipal needs and make improvements in the city. Barcelona is not an exception.

Tourist tax in Barcelona Spain

The amount of tourist tax was recently increased in Barcelona, Spain. That means travelers, who arrive in Barcelona by cruise boats and/or are staying in private sector will have to pay more. The amount of tourist tax in Barcelona grew in April 2017.

One night stay in private sector for visitors of Barcelona will cost 2.25 EUROs.

By the 1st of April, the amount due was 0.65 EUR.

Similar raise is introduced for the tourists spending vacations at the beaches.

Tourist tax in Barcelona must be paid during first 7 days of stay.

Those tourists who come to Barcelona for half a day by cruise boats from now on will also be obliged to pay 0.65 EUR. Earlier this tax type was not to be paid by travelers.

Those who spend more than 12 hours in Barcelona must pay the same amount as people staying 24 hours – 2.25 EUR.

The amount of tax for those who are staying in the hotels of the city remains unchanged.

paying tourist tax in Barcelona

Tourists staying in the 55-starhotels of Barcelona will be charged 2.25 EUR of city tax per night, while who are staying in the 4 star hotels will pay 1.25 EUR, tourists living in the 3 star hotels will pay 1 EUR.

The authorities of Barcelona claim that funds received this way from tourists will be sued for cleaning beaches and additional purchase of new transport as well as roads repairs.


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