Recently travelers observe a change in tariffs of air companies for baggage transportation. This is something that earlier was not an issue at all since in most economy class tickets the baggage of allowed size and weight was permitted without any additional charges.

During last two years most of airlines in Europe started to introduce new tariffs for luggage.


The baggage fees differ depending on airlines, whether payment is made in advance online or if payment is made in the airport. Some of the airlines apply the rule to charge higher baggage fee if you register a bag at the gates to the plane.


This rule works in low cost company Wizz Air, Lufthhansa, Austrian Airlines and others. In average transfer of baggage of up to 23 kg will cost EUR 15.

At the same time AirBaltic charges EUR 29,99-35 for prepaid luggage, while British Airways – EUR 55.


If you are ready to pay baggage fee at the registration be ready to spend EUR 30 when flying by Luftgansa and Austrian Airlines. Wizz Air luggage costs EUR 55, LOT – EUR 70 and British Airways charge EUR 75.


Be reminded that number of personal items, luggage size and weight restrictions differ depending on the air company and tariff at which you booked the ticket. That’s why when you notice drop of prices and are ready to purchase the flight ticket, first read carefully what is included into the cost of the ticket. May be the ticket has too many restrictions and if you decide to take more things for your trip you would have to pay for that as extra luggage.


Also on some websites you can see that exactly same flights are offered at lower costs. That might mean that the website offering less fee simply doesn’t reveal full price for the ticket. Fees for the bag are established by air companies and that doesn’t change full price.


Also note that if size and weight of your bag exceeds the established requirements you would have to pay extra fee, even if this is one item and already included into the cost of the ticket.

Most of airlines allow taking one item of hand luggage on board.

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