Air companies invest into the development of new technologies to make flights as comfortable as possible. Aircraft interior lighting system was designed to improve lighting in the planes and make the flight most pleasant for the passengers.


Lufthansa airlines presented a new technology of aircraft interior lighting (developed for model A250-900). This technology allows 24 variants of lighting for the passengers to ensure they feel comfortable and light is on in appropriate time.


The new plane with aircraft interior lighting system, belonging to Lufthansa, will conduct its first flight on the 10th of February. The route will be Munich – Deli. According to the statement of the carrier the plane is equipped with unique lighting system, which is the only one in the world.


Special feature of this system is that it functions based on the biorhythms of the passengers on board. The developers of this innovation tried to do their best to make passengers happy. For example during lunch time passengers will get lighting like in a restaurant. Soft light will be turned on for rest and relaxation during the flight. Cold bright colors will be switched on during more active phase of the flight.


In fact the new system is programmed for 24 variants of lighting, which will suit for various timing and situations. First 10 planes equipped with such a system will be based in Munich. Maximum capacity of passengers that can travel on such planes is 293. Business class can accommodate 48 passengers, premium economy – 21, while economy class can accept 224 people.

Also Lufthansa plans to equip Boing 747 – 800s with the new aircraft interior lighting system.

From now on when booking the flight of this carrier you can check in advance model of the aircraft to be sure you get most of comfortable flight and enjoy your trip with variety of lighting set up.

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