Biggest flower exhibition will open in the capital of Germany on the 13th of April 2017. Guests and citizens of Berlin will have a marvelous opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces of local landscape designers. Another advantage of visiting flower exhibition is getting to know modern traditions of gardens arrangements in South Western Asia, Africa and […]

Looking for extraordinary travel impressions and don’t know yet what to try? Here what is offered for tourists soon – underwater tours to Titanic. One of travel companies in London intends to launch such tours in 2018 according to the information announced by The Telegraph. According to the plan of the tour company the whole trip will […]

The European air companies market is permanently growing – one more air company, Air Belgium has just presented new design of their planes to large audience. It was announced that the first flight Air Belgium is going to perform to China. At the same time the main airport of the company has not yet been […]

Air companies invest into the development of new technologies to make flights as comfortable as possible. Aircraft interior lighting system was designed to improve lighting in the planes and make the flight most pleasant for the passengers.   Lufthansa airlines presented a new technology of aircraft interior lighting (developed for model A250-900). This technology allows […]

Odessa city becomes more convenient for tourists and easy to travel around. 2nd of February was announced as a starting date of launching Uber texi services. Mobile services users now can get Uber taxi in Odessa via Uber application. The company started working several months ago in Kiev – the capital of Ukraine.   The […]

City Council of Catalonia has announced the decision, according to which new objects for accommodations in the center of Barcelona will not be allowed any more. This approach is aimed to limit growing number of tourists coming to Barcelona. As of now hotels of the city can accommodate 8.3 mln people per year. Last year […]

Recently travelers observe a change in tariffs of air companies for baggage transportation. This is something that earlier was not an issue at all since in most economy class tickets the baggage of allowed size and weight was permitted without any additional charges. During last two years most of airlines in Europe started to introduce […]

  American Airlines following the changes in luggage regulations of United will introduce a new type of tariff for economy class. These innovations assume that hand luggage size will be restricted and reduced, also passengers of airplanes will have limited access to the luggage shelves.   Starting February 10 the air company will start selling […]

Yves Saint Laurent museums in Paris and in Marrakesh will open for visitors in 2017. Both museums will be devoted to the life and career of world famous fashion designer, illuminating 40 years of his amazing work and achievements.   Museum in Paris will be located in Marco Avenue, in former house of designer. This […]


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