Delft is one of those cities, where you feel like in museum. The city is located between Hague and Leiden. Sometimes it is called the “absolute center” of Holland. The historical part of Delft relates to the 17th century.

what to see in Delft

How to get to Delft

Getting to Delft by train is easy and you can enjoy the views of amazing Holland on the way to it. There is train connection Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Brussels. Trains passing this route make a stop on the central train station of Delft. There is another, Delft Zuid train station (Southern), which accepts only local trains and it closed during the night.

Traveling to Delft by bus is also easy, there are at least 10 bus routes, connecting the city with Hague and Rotterdam. Connexxion is Bus Company operating in this area. Also there is tram connection between Hague and Delft.

What to see in Delft

Most of the monuments in Delft were created in 16 -17 centuries. Main attraction in the city of  Delft is Prinsenhof Palace. This is a former residence of Prince Wilhelm I Oranski.

There is amazing collection of porcelain and silver items, paintings of artists of 16-17 centuries in the museum. The building used to be a monastery a while ago.

Interesting places in Delft: Oude Kerk – old city church

Oude Kerk is another place to see in Deft. This is old church of 75 meters high, built at the end of the 13th century. Earlier on this place there was a church of Saint Varfolomei. The old church was built in gothic style decorated with amazing stain glass windows. For many times the church was rebuilt. Now it is famous for its linging tower, with angle of few meters.


In 17-19 centuries there were three organs and huge Burdon bell on the top of bell tower. Today Oude Kerk is a place where concerts of organ music are performed as well as church services.

There is one more Gothic basilica on Market place of Delft. It was built in the 14th century and is called de Nieuwe Kerk. The church in fact is the tomb of Oranski dynasty family members. Under the mausoleum of Wilhelm I Oranski, buried in 1584 there is a crypt of the whole royal family.

The church is open for visitors and functions as museum.

Delft Market – popular place of local citizens and visitors

Market place of Delft is also the location of Town Hall, erected in the 17th century in the style of Dutch renaissance. Interesting fact is that Town Hall was built on the place of former prison in middle ages, but only one tower is still preserved. This is popular place of local citizens, where they get married come for rest during weekends.

Delft is the first city in the Netherlands where they started to erect fortification walls protecting the citizens from enemies. As of today only the Eastern Gates, built in the 15th century are preserved. The Gates are made in Gothic style decorated with amazing cupolas. Many years ago these Gates were opening the entrance to the city.

Museums to visit in Delft

There are number of museums to visit in Delft: Lambert van Meerten museum, famous all over the world for beautiful ceramics and tiles. This is where you can see unique collection of porcelain.

There is also military museum, where visitors find out about the history of the Netherlands, uniforms of the military men, means of transportation, arms and paintings.

Delft porcelain museum

Visit old Royal porcelain manufacture, where the masters still produce handmade items on the ancient equipment in all accordance to the historical traditions. It is exciting opportunity for you to participate in the process and make a souvenir.

porcelain museum in Delft

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