Some people think that Rotterdam is less interesting than Amsterdam, which is not right. The city has the history of its own, plenty of interesting places to visit and enjoy.

Why to travel to Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is surely different with its own atmosphere that makes it more attractive then other Dutch cities.

The history of Rotterdam tells that during the World War II it was completely ruined. There was no plan to restore it exactly same way as it existed. This led to the type of the city we have now. Rotterdam today is the city of modern architecture, new buildings and constructions.

Also Rotterdam is known as the city, where the biggest port of Europe is located.

To see the best of the city travel to Rotterdam and take a walking tour, boat tours or group excursions.

Best places to visit in Rotterdam

Cubic house, Blaak metro and other strange buildings near the central station of Rotterdam are most popular among the visitors.

One of the most popular spots of Rotterdam is the 185 meters tower of Euro match. There is an elevator to take visitors to the 100th floor. A restaurant and observation spot with amazing view are open for the tourists.

On 85th meter of Space tower there is a moving cabin with transparent walls, which is turning around. The cabin stops at the height of 185 meters. Visitors can go downstairs by elevator and by rope, which is outside the cabin. This option is available only during certain period of time.

There is a park nearby for making a stop with picnic.

Museum of Boijmans Van Beuningen is one of the best in Europe. The exhibition of this museum consists of masterpieces of the artists from 15th century till recent time.

Kralingen used to be a village near Rotterdam. Now you can see numerous buildings in Dutch style there that are well preserved. This is residence of students and rich citizens of Rotterdam. There is a lake nearby, which is great for skiing during winter time.

To get experience of living in real Dutch environment – visit local markets. The market of Rotterdam is located near the church and Blaak station. You can buy here vegetables, fruits, flowers and antique things.

Rotterdam is popular among shoppers and known as the best place to buy shoes and clothes.

Other places the Netherlands is famous for – tulips shops and markets.

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