Sail Amsterdam is one of the greatest events in the Netherlands.

Luxury ships and boats are coming to Amsterdam to participate in one of the greatest shows on the water.

Thousands of ships follow along the banks of Amsterdam once in five years, gathering millions of admirers.

Sail Amsterdam is arranged every five years in August between 19 and 23. The Sail Amsterdam Foundation is the official organizer of the event. The objectives of the foundation are to promote Amsterdam port, raise the interest of public to sailing and of course to inspire the new followers.

Ei Bay in the North of Amsterdam welcomes thousands of small boats and tall ships.

The agenda of Sail Amsterdam includes reconstruction of famous water fights.

Then all of the ships pass by the banks of the old town of Amsterdam.

For the first time parade took place in 1975. It was named “Sail Amsterdam 700”, devoted to the 700th anniversary of Amsterdam.

It was of great success since the moment of celebrating the anniversary coincided with the period when tall ships became popular again. The authorities of Amsterdam decided to arrange such parade on annual basis.

Sail Amsterdam was inspired by the first Holland exhibition of Ships technologies constructions.

For the first time the exhibition was organized in summer 1913.

Now modern ships participate in the show as well. This is to promote modem concept ships and latest developments.

Sail Amsterdam is also the period when various marine paintings are exhibited for the visitors. Fire shows and entertainments for kids are arranged for visitors as well.

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