Whole Netherlands can be seen within an hour – if you don’t believe, visit Madurodam park. This is a park of miniatures representing most popular places of the Netherlands. The park is a model of the Dutch city with 1:25 scale and consists of typical Dutch buildings, originals of which are located in different parts of the country.

The miniatures of buildings are made of plastic. The green parks and fields are real – they use real plants. They grow small trees and bushes the height of which doesn’t exceed 60 cm.

Madurodam in Holland

What to see in Madurodam Park?

More than 700 models of buildings, wind mills, bridges, cars, trains and other objects are presented in the park.

This is a real life of Dutch people in miniature: airplanes are in the airport, tanks are in the military base, marriage is taking place at the church and boats are floating in the canals of Netherlands.

The park is a unique place, and a lot of human efforts were invested to make it look the way it does now.

The scenes of the park are not just an exhibition – this is a moving and living installation of the country in small size.

The streets look alive with people going to work, meeting for a family event, getting married, listening to the concert, living their own lives. In total you can count about 13 000 figures of people. Interesting fact is that each figure is hand made!

Madurodam park

Madurodam shows everything that that there is reality in the Netherlands, even the biggest miniature rail way station. The railway is operating and about 12 trains are passing here every day. The length of the road is about 4km. Each of the trains covers the distance of about 20 000km during a year.

Madurodam park was built in 1952 and more then several million tourists visited it.

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