Planning a visit to Holland? Find out some interesting facts about Netherlands.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of the Netherlands, islands of the Carribean sea – Aruba island and Antil islands.

The biggest port is located in Rotterdam.

Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is one of the biggest airports in Europe.

16 million of Dutch are living on the territory of 41 528 square km, which is a bit less then half of the territory of Scotland. Density of population of the Netherlands is 480 people per square meter.

The Netherlands are famous for the tulips, wind mills and sabo.

The highest point of the Netherlands is 323 meters above the sea level and this is Vaalserberg Mountain.

The lowest point of the Netherlands is not far from Rotterdam and is 7 meters lower the sea level.

We would also add to the list of interesting facts about Netherlands a point that there are about 4 400 km of rivers, channels and lakes in the country.

Dutch language is the native language of more then 22 million people of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Interesting fact about the Netherlands is that this is the country of highest density of museums per square meters. In total there are about 1000 museums in the country and 42 in Amsterdam only.

One of the most interesting facts about Netherlands is that 200 nationalities live in Amsterdam.

22 paintings of Rembrandt and 206 paintings of Van Gog can be seen in Amsterdam.

The International Court is located in Hague, in world known Peace Palace.

The Netherlands is known as bikes country, counting about 15 000 km of bike roads and about 16 million of bicycles. According to this statistics each citizen of the Netherlands possess one bike. The number of bikes in the country is twice bigger then the number of cars.

Citizens of the Netherlands are the tallest people in Europe.

Most of Dutch people speak at least one more foreign language.

Also Dutch people are the biggest consumers of coffee after the Scandinavian countries.

In total the population of the Netherlands is considered to be the youngest in the European Union.

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