The Netherlands information: country consists of 12 provinces in North-West Europe and three islands in the Caribbean.

It is often called “Holland”, though only 2 provinces belong to it.

The name of the Netherlands originates from the country’s name in Dutch, meaning Low lands, as almost half of country’s territory is below the sea level.

Government of the Netherlands is the Constitutional Monarchy.

Discover most Interesting facts about Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, while Hague is the seat of the parliament.

Interesting to know, that this is the country with the highest density of population. If you are travelling to the Netherlands you will notice that Dutch towns have something special that makes them different one from another. The citizens may even speak different dialects and accents. Most of people speak English, which makes it easy for travelers to be understood.

The transportation system is well organized and basically any place of the country can be easily reached by trains or buses.

Needless to say that the Netherlands is always associated with tulips. This is where you will see millions of tulips in the fields, flower auctions and in the shops.

Netherlands information – where to go on holidays

The Netherlands is interesting and fun for holidays any time of the year. The most popular and most visited cities are: Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, Maastricht and Utrecht.

When planning a trip to Amsterdam you can include visiting Anne Frank Museum, Van Gogh Museum, enjoy floating flower market, Rijksmuseum, Hermitage Amsterdam,

Take Canal Tour in Amsterdam, or rent a bike to discover the city from a different perspective.

Visiting Rotterdam – a modern and dynamic city of the Netherlands

Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam plays important role in Holland being the second largest port of the country. Currently the city is going through the period of changes, implementing new architectural projects, organizing summer festivals. All of these steps are aimed to popularize the city and make it more known for the world.

Photo Gallery of the Netherlands: 

Are you going to start your trip from Amsterdam city?

Numerous restaurants, night bars, museums, and amazing Zoo are waiting for the tourists. People often associate visiting Holland with Amsterdam, meaning if you are going to the Netherlands that assumes you are visiting Amsterdam.

When in Amsterdam you can join small group bike tour, take canal pizza cruise, or Amsterdam canal cruise with a dinner course, visit the Red Lights district.

From Amsterdam you can book a tour to Keukenhof Gardens and Tulip farm, visit Brussels and Antwerp within a day, go to windmills, the Hague and Madurodam park.

Have you seen Peace Palace in Hague?

Peace Palace in Hague is located in Carnegieplain 2.  This is the sitting place of the International Court of Justice, International Law Hague Academy.

This is a symbol of peace all around the world – beautiful square building with a garden and fountain, all in English Style.

Peace Palace construction and some items of interior were assembled from pieces of other buildings, presented by the states, which participated in the first conference on disarmament in 1907.
Erection of the Palace finished in 1913. Building was sponsored by Andrew Carnegie. The Peace Palace was created based on the project of French Architect and became almost an exact copy of City Tower of Kale of 17th century. The design of the building combines features of Gothic, Roman and Byzantine style.

The distinctive feature of the Peace Palace is the Tower of 80 meters in the corner.

Thus the most impressive chapel was presented by Switzerland in 1912. The grey granite used for the exterior of the Peace Palace was provided from Norway and Sweden. The fountain in the inner yard was created at the Queen’s porcelain plant in Copenhagen. Amazing iron gates was a present from Germany. The entrance door is made in art nuovo style of bronze and it was presented by Belgium.
Silk panels were delivered from Japan and now are decorating the walls of the Japanese Hall. Hungary presented vases and lights and candelabrum by Austria.
The International United Nations Court is being located in the Palace from 1946.
Due to the initiative of Kofi Annan, former General Secretary of United Nations Organization, in 1999 the museum of the history of the Court and
other organizations, based in the Palace was open. Also one of the best
libraries on legal issues is based here as well.
The Palace is closed most of the time for visitors. But on certain weekends each month Peace Palace welcomes group excursions. During these visits tourists attend the Big and Small Justice Halls, Japanese Hall and Gallery.

Photo and video recording are not allowed. Garden around the Palace is closed for public, but once a month on Sundays it is also open for visitors.

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