Hard to believe that Netherlands, country located in the North, is famous for variety of flower markets. How did it happen, that it became known for tulip fields and one of main tulip bulbs exporters?

In 1599 Carlus Clusius, botanist by profession came to Leiden University to work. He brought tulips’ collection which the Austrian Ambassador delivered from Turkey.

Sand soil was perfect ground for tulips. The Dutch citizens also liked the flowers very much and this is how the tulips’ epoch started. The new sorts of tulips appeared, the tulips trade was growing, and tulip business even grew to auctions.

Flower business became one of main sources of income for the citizens of the Netherlands at that time. They were growing not only tulip flowers but also orchids, iris, roses and hyacinth.

Today the Netherlands is country number one exporting tulips flowers.

flower markets in Netherlands

What you really need to visit are flower auctions in Aalsmer

Interesting to know that in the city of Aalsmeer, which is not far from Amsterdam, the biggest flowers auctions are organized. Every day during 5 work hours of the auctions more then 19 mln of flowers are sold and bought. And this is not everything what can be purchased at the flowers auction, they also sell round 2 mln of plants daily.

The whole process is taking place in one of the biggest commercial buildings, total area of which is about 1 mln square meters. Modern equipment of the center allows to demonstrate on huge screens the items which are for sale and to assure the sellers are in contacts with the buyer all over the world.

They start bargain from the top price, which goes down to the first acceptable application for purchase.

There is no restriction for visiting the auction – it is open not only for entrepreneurs but also for anybody willing to come to the flowers auction.

Getting to Aalsmeer

To get to Aalsmeer you can take bus number 172 departing every half an hour from the central station of Amsterdam in Kudelstaart direction. VBA Hoofdingang is the stop you need.

Visiting Holland during spring is something that you will remember for ever – thousands of tulips all around the country, isn’t that impressive? They say more then 3 billion of tulip bulbs are grown in the country each year. Most of these are exported from the Netherlands to other parts of the world. If you are still thinking what souvenir to bring from your trip to Holland, don’t hesitate and buy tulip bulbs. This is how you can recreate amazing beauty of this country in your garden.

Flower market in Amsterdam

Bloemenmarkt – another flower market in Netherlands, one top attractions of Amsterdam

Going to Amsterdam and not planning to visit flower market Bloemenmarkt? Then you should reconsider your plans, because flower market in Amsterdam is a place with history, traditions and many plants for sale. Years ago the city was located on a tiny territory and there was not enough space for the market in Amsterdam. That’s why flower sellers that were coming to the city by water were selling the flowers from the boats, floating along the canals of Amsterdam.

Things changed and in the 19th century the flower market moved to barges parked to Singel canal between Muntplain and Koningsplein. Because of numerous barges visitors need plenty of time to see everything offered for sale here. You can buy here anything for the garden starting from plants to baskets for decorating.

Bloemenmarkt as well as other places are great for buying flora in Amsterdam. There other markets in the city, where you purchase flowers, food, art items, shoes and clothes.

If you decided to bring tulips from Amsterdam, you can buy bulbs at the flower market at 3 Euros approximately. They are beautifully packed and there is photo of how the flower will look like after it is planted. For those who do not have enough gardening experience there is brief instruction on the package advising best timing for planting.

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