Our Netherlands tourism board will provide basic information for tourists planning visit to the Netherlands. This is practical information about the prices for excursions, notes about the history and culture.

Hard to believe that Netherlands, country located in the North, is famous for variety of flower markets. How did it happen, that it became known for tulip fields and one of main tulip bulbs exporters? In 1599 Carlus Clusius, botanist by profession came to Leiden University to work. He brought tulips’ collection which the Austrian […]

Delft is one of those cities, where you feel like in museum. The city is located between Hague and Leiden. Sometimes it is called the “absolute center” of Holland. The historical part of Delft relates to the 17th century. How to get to Delft Getting to Delft by train is easy and you can enjoy […]

Some people think that Rotterdam is less interesting than Amsterdam, which is not right. The city has the history of its own, plenty of interesting places to visit and enjoy. Why to travel to Rotterdam? Rotterdam is surely different with its own atmosphere that makes it more attractive then other Dutch cities. The history of Rotterdam […]

Whole Netherlands can be seen within an hour – if you don’t believe, visit Madurodam park. This is a park of miniatures representing most popular places of the Netherlands. The park is a model of the Dutch city with 1:25 scale and consists of typical Dutch buildings, originals of which are located in different parts […]

Sail Amsterdam is one of the greatest events in the Netherlands. Luxury ships and boats are coming to Amsterdam to participate in one of the greatest shows on the water. Thousands of ships follow along the banks of Amsterdam once in five years, gathering millions of admirers. Sail Amsterdam is arranged every five years in […]

The best way to discover Netherlands from a different angle is taking canal boat trips in Amsterdam. This is non-expensive fun adventure allowing you to see most interesting places of the city. Prices for river cruises in Amsterdam will depend on the length and additional services of the trip. You can buy boat tickets in […]

Planning a visit to Holland? Find out some interesting facts about Netherlands. The Kingdom of the Netherlands consists of the Netherlands, islands of the Carribean sea – Aruba island and Antil islands. The biggest port is located in Rotterdam. Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is one of the biggest airports in Europe. 16 million of Dutch […]

Amsterdam is the biggest city and port in the Netherlands. The parliament of the Netherlands is located in Hague but not Amsterdam. Interesting fact about Amsterdam is that it is located 4 meters lower then the sea level. The first mentioning about Amsterdam relates to 1275, when Amstel River was stopped with dam in order […]

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and one of the most unique cities of the world. What are the best places to visit in Amsterdam, how to make a trip by water channels, view the amazing old architecture and the unforgettable atmosphere of the city. Amsterdam is a mixture of different cultures, where people of […]

The Netherlands information: country consists of 12 provinces in North-West Europe and three islands in the Caribbean. It is often called “Holland”, though only 2 provinces belong to it. The name of the Netherlands originates from the country’s name in Dutch, meaning Low lands, as almost half of country’s territory is below the sea level. Government […]