Sveti Stefan island is a stunning place of the Adriatic coast. It used to be a fish men’s village but with time it was transformed into a luxury resort of Montenegro seacoast.

To be more exact this is not just an island, this is Sveti Stefan hotel, with hundreds of old houses reconstructed for the hotel purposes into luxury apartments.

The interior of these houses is equipped with modern interior, equipment, comfortable bedrooms, modern design, bathrooms and awesome restaurant with great menu.

Room services in Sveti Stefan are available 24 hours a day.

The exterior of the buildings did not change. Inside all the rooms and apartments are equipped according to the last fashion and technical requirements. St Stefan village look the same like years ago. Interesting fact about Sveti Stefan island is that this is a favorite vacation spot of the Royal families of the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Also lots of show business stars and celebrities love staying in St Stephan (Sveti Stefan) which is tiny paradise of Budva Riviera.

How to get to Sveti Stefan resort

Visiting Sveti Stefan hotel island is easy. It is located 9 km to the South West from Budva. It can be easily reached from both airports of Montenegro – Tivat and Podgorica.

You can order transfer services in the hotel, but better to do that in advance since this is a very popular tourist spot.

St Stefan island is not only a popular tourist destination but also a symbol of Montenegro. You can see it on numerous photos and travel guides.

Entertainments and beaches of Sveti Stefan island

Numerous cozy bars, swimming pool, sport equipment and yacht trips can be taken from Sveti Stefan. This is also well known place for diving.

Due to nice geographical location of the island it can be a very convenient starting point for excursions almost to any place of Montenegro. From the island you can also take excursions to Albania, Croatia and Italy.

One of the most interesting mountain chains is located nearby – Durmitor. Picks of Durmitor mountains reach more then 2000 meters.

The mountains are covered with forests, where some trees are more them 150 years old. Durmitor is a beautiful nature reserve with lots of lakes, with clean transparent waters. Durmitor Mountains can be visited any time of the year, since in winter they turn into famous ski resorts.

If you are visiting Montenegro you should also plan trip to Tara River.

This is the biggest nature complex in Europe, and it is under the protection of UNESCO.

If you are visiting St Stephan island, you can take a walk to Milocer. It used to be the ownership of the Royal family. Milocer is famous for the amazing park with relic trees and rare plants. Also there is Royal beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

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