St Stephan/Sveti Stephan – amazing island, ancient village, modern hotel area

St Stephan in Montenegro

Photo of Sveti Stephan from the upper road

St. Stephan or Sveti Stephan  is an amazing travel spot, the image of which is published on thousands of websites and travel guides. This is visiting card of Montenegro, island with unusual past, which was preserved till our days. In fact, St. Stephan is a tiny village turned into a luxury hotels’ area, located in a tranquil place near Petrovac.

Sveti Stephan is of course one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro for visiting.

Kotor Bay – ideal travel spot for romantic weekend and relaxing vacations

Kotor Bay of Montenegro

Views of Kotor Bay in the evening

Kotor is an ancient town under protection of UNESCO. You will see number of historical monuments revealing the story of Kotor, located in the most beautiful place of Montenegro – the Bay of Kotor.

Kotor is cozy and very pleasant place for  lunch or dinner, relaxing after excursions or hot beach rest. You can take a walk along the coast, spend quite hours enjoying the views around and have great lunch or dinner in one of local restaurants.

Herceg Novi – coastal town for tourists preferring active vacations combined with relaxing seaside rest

 Herceg Novi in Montenegro

 Herceg Novi is surely one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro.

You can enjoy here all spectrum of vacation entertainments – yachting, boating, great restaurants, shopping and surely superb view over the Boka Kotor Bay. There are number of beaches to enjoy the sun and swim in tranquil waters of Adriatic sea.

Skadar Lake – for nature lovers, one the most beautiful places in Montenegro

Skadar lake in Montenegro

Image of Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake or Shkoder Lake is a National Park of Montenegro.

Skadar lake is one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro, where you should go if you plan a trip to Montenegro. This is where you can boat, swim and get close to nature. There are group tours which can booked at the hotel or local tourists agencies. Boat tours are planned in such a way that tourists can swim in Skadar Lake. The crew will offer snacks and drinks during the trip.

Buljarica – peaceful spot for family rest and those, who want to stay far from dynamic city rhythm

Buljarica - most beautiful places in Montenegro

Photo of Buljarica in Montenegro

Buljarica is located about 1 km from Petrovac in the direction of Bar.

Buljarica will impress you with the wide opening view over the sea surrounded with the chain of mountains, and what is most important, the length of the beach in Buljarica is 2,250 m long. It is never overcrowded 🙂

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