Skadar or Shkoder Lake in Montenegro is the biggest lake in Balkan Peninsula.

Skadar Lake National Park of Montenegro is popular among the tourists and local citizens.

The Lake is inhabited with about 270 kinds of rare birds and 35 kinds of fish.

You will have the opportunity to see some yourself if you choose to take a boat trip in Skadar Lake kindly offered all around Montenegro by tourist agencies.

Skadar Lake National Park of Montenegro

Image of tranquil Skadar Lake in summer

You can travel to Skadar Lake National Park for one day. There are number of activities to keep you entertained –  boating, swimming etc.

You will enjoy marvelous views of surrounding landscapes and take advantage to swim in the peaceful clear waters of Skadar Lake, while captain of the boat makes a stop for the tourists.

The boat makes few stops at different locations and everybody can jump from the board to swim.

On the boat you will be offered some snacks and drinks (local vodka including).

Skadar Lake National Park of Montenegro

Skadar lake, Montenegro

After the trip on the boat you can stay in the nearby restaurant for a nice dinner and taste amazing Montenegro local food.

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