Mamula island is a rocky oval in shape island located near the world famous resort of Herzog Novi. Long time ago Mamula island was called Lastavica. In 19th century Colonel Lazar Mamula built a fortress to protect Boko Kotor Bay from the sea. Since then the island bears the name of Mamula.

Mamula island – special place of Montenegro, is not big in size, but has always been of great importance due to strategic location. The island locks the entrance to the Bay, which was a decisive feature in military actions. It became a fortress for many years, protecting the Bay from the enemies coming from the sea.

During the First World War and the Second the fortress was used a prison, bearing negative reputation since then. According to some information prisoners seized in this prison were tortured.

Mamula island in Montenegro

Photo of fortress in Mamula island, Montenegro

The construction of the prison has been well preserved till our days, and is under the protection of the state as a cultural heritage of Montenegro.

Mamula island is also famous for the city park, with number of plants from tropical and subtropical territories, several unique mimosa flowers including. During winter season mimosa festival is organized in Mamula island, and lasts for the whole month.

If you are travelling by boat you will admire the magnificent views of Mamula island from the sea.

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Some time ago during the times of Yugoslavia the island was a military point. Several tunnels for the submarines can be seen on the shores of Mamula island. The submarines could get into the tunnels under the water and the enemy would never know if they are inside of the island or left to the sea.

Today the island looks a bit abandoned, but hundreds of tourists are visiting Mamula island enjoying the sea views, rocky shores and swimming in clear waters of Adriatic sea. This is also a beautiful place for the artists and travelers, who are coming to Mamula to enjoy the beauty of nature and peacefulness of the sea. Everybody coming to Mamula island will be admired with the special charm of this place.

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