Amazing places for rest and peaceful vacations are available at best beaches in Montenegro . Thousands of tourists are coming to Montenegro for clean and warm sea and to enjoy marvelous nature landscapes.

The Adriatic coast includes 73 km of best beaches in Montenegro – sand beaches, with rocks, located in calm and serene bays.

The average temperature in Montenegro at the seaside in summer is a bit more then +27C, which is very comfortable for adults and for kids. The water is clean everywhere and you can see the bottom at the depth of 40-55 meters.
Best beaches in Montenegro coast are marked with blue flags, which means that these are most clean spots. The best ecological situation is in Budva, Tivat, Ulchin and Hertzog Novi.

Most of Montenegro beaches are of sand and pebble. Some of the beaches are in the rocky bays, which makes the view especially awesome. The sand and pebbles is of different elements, which is why the beaches are painted in different colors.

Lucice beach near Petrovac is considered to be the most beautiful one of Montenegro coast.

Guvance is the sunniest beach.

Morgen in Budva is considered to be the most popular beach.
It is divided into two parts by the rocks in the sea. A lot of people are striving to visit Morgen beach.

Jaz is another huge beach of Montenegro, very comfortable for travelers by car. During swimming season entrance to the territory of the beach is on paid basis.

Best beaches of Herzog Novi

Beaches of Herzog Novi are rocky, which might be a bit less comfortable, but the views that are opening are awesome!

The special feature of Herzog Novi beaches is that it is almost impossible to walk from one beach to another since the roads and walking paths are located much higher then the sea line.

Also the sea marine hedgehogs love these kind of beaches that’s why you should be careful when stepping on the rocks.

Best beaches of Bar in Montenegro

The beaches of Bar mainly consist of sand and pebbles. But there is a special spot – the Red Beach. The sand here is mixed with pieces of corals of red color, which makes the beach red.

Tivat Beaches

The beaches of Tivat consist of sand beaches and beton blocks. This could be not the prettiest piece of the Adriatic seacoast, but the city is still attractive for the tourists.

During high tourist season the beaches of Tivat are crowded like any other in the Adriatic coast.

What are the most popular beaches of Montenegro coast?

Beaches of Milocer and Sveti Stephan island are extremely popular among the tourists. Even though prices are a bit higher here numerous travelers chose them for vacations.

Milocer is also well known as the residence of the Royal Residence Karadgovici. The beach can be closed if is attended by royal family members.

Montenegro Nudist beaches

There is number of beaches for nudist in Montenegro. The oldest nudist beach is Nivice in Herzog Novi, nudist center of Ada Bojana. It is worth mentioning that in Montenegro a lot of nudist are located in close neighborhood with regular ones.

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