Montenegro travel guide – most important information about places to visit, and to to stay.

Sveti Stefan island is a stunning place of the Adriatic coast. It used to be a fish men’s village but with time it was transformed into a luxury resort of Montenegro seacoast. To be more exact this is not just an island, this is Sveti Stefan hotel, with hundreds of old houses reconstructed for the […]

Amazing places for rest and peaceful vacations are available at best beaches in Montenegro . Thousands of tourists are coming to Montenegro for clean and warm sea and to enjoy marvelous nature landscapes. The Adriatic coast includes 73 km of best beaches in Montenegro – sand beaches, with rocks, located in calm and serene bays. The average temperature […]

Mamula island is a rocky oval in shape island located near the world famous resort of Herzog Novi. Long time ago Mamula island was called Lastavica. In 19th century Colonel Lazar Mamula built a fortress to protect Boko Kotor Bay from the sea. Since then the island bears the name of Mamula. Mamula island – […]

St Stephan/Sveti Stephan – amazing island, ancient village, modern hotel area St. Stephan or Sveti Stephan  is an amazing travel spot, the image of which is published on thousands of websites and travel guides. This is visiting card of Montenegro, island with unusual past, which was preserved till our days. In fact, St. Stephan is a […]

New Year is celebrated on January 1 of course. This is a holiday to spend with friends and families. In Montenegro there is belief that chicken should not be present on the New Year table, otherwise happiness can fly away from home. On the 2nd of January the owner of the house gives remnants of food […]

People travel to Montenegro to see stunning mountains chains, and awesome Adriatic coast. Montenegro is stretching along the sea line with numerous cities located on the coast: Bar, Sutomore, Petrovac, St Stephan, Kotor Tivat, Herzog Novi. All of the cities are located close to each other, this is why you can easily visit all of […]

Every country has a set of rules for driving, which are obligatory to follow. It is important to know the rules in advance if you plan a trip by car. If you are driving in Montenegro you must have your driving license, documents for car and car insurance certificate with you. Car rent is available everywhere in […]

Skadar or Shkoder Lake in Montenegro is the biggest lake in Balkan Peninsula. Skadar Lake National Park of Montenegro is popular among the tourists and local citizens. The Lake is inhabited with about 270 kinds of rare birds and 35 kinds of fish. You will have the opportunity to see some yourself if you choose […]

Montenegro tourist information guides you trough main attractions of the country. We created a list of most beautiful places of Montenegro, prepared general information about the country and recommendations for holidays planning. General information about Montenegro Montenegro is a country located at the Adriatic sea in Balkans. It used to be a part of two […]