Vatican is an independent state of Italy – a major tourist attraction in Rome. It was founded in 1929 according to the Agreement between the government of Italy and Catholic Church in Rome.

Vatican is the smallest state in the world. It covers the territory of 0,44 square kilometers. The international population counts about 1000 citizens.

Visiting the vatican museum and Sistine Chapel

Vatican received its name from the hill, on which it is located, called Vatikanus.  Official language is Latin. The length of the state border is 3 kilometers.

visiting the vatican museum and sistine chapel

Thousands of tourists are coming to Rome daily for visiting the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel. Quires to buy entrance tickets are always long. If you would like get to the Vatican Museum quickly, you should book tickets in advance. Such ticket will give you access for visiting the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel.

Vatican museums have greatest collection of pieces of art, gathered during centuries. In numerous exhibition halls and yards you will observe plenty of valuable pieces of art.

visiting the vatican museum and sistine chapel

Since 15th century popes resided in the buildings of Vatican museums. Today you can plan a tour to 53 halls of Vatican museums, and the Sistine Chapel to see the originals of Michelangelo and more.

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The Sistine Chapel belongs to the Apostolic Palace, which is the official residence of the Pope in Vatican.

The Sistine Chapel was built by de Dolchi at the end of 15th century. The cupola inside is decorated with Michelangelo fresco, which are one of the main attractions in Vatican.

The Chapel is open most of the time except for the period of selection of new Pope. According to the old tradition if the Pope is not selected, black smoke from the pipe will be let out. If Pope is selected then people will see white smoke.

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If you are booking a private tour, a guide will take you for the 4-5 hours excursion, to explore magnificent pieces of art of Vatican museums, St Peter’s Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel.

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