There is a wonderful place just 24km from Rome – the city of Tivoli. Almost every tourist coming to Italy plans to visit Tivoli and its awesome place – Villa d’Este. Its marvelous garden became a sample for Versailles and Petergoff. Villa d’Este is one of the most famous buildings of XVI century.

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Starting from 1550 till 1572 when construction of villa was almost finished Cardinal d’Este erected a beautiful castle in late Renaissance style, surrounded by garden. Since keeping the garden required water supply they built cascades and water tanks, constructed channels and water flows with fountains.

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In XVI the fountains of villa d’Este garden considered to be a miracle at that time. The water coming through them was going down to the bottom of the hill and was used to water olive trees.

The park consists of two parts, connected with small lakes and Neptune fountain. Going down to the alley visitors will enjoy Dragon fountain, Prozerpine and Organ fountains.

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One hundred fountains and Mug fountain, were created with participation of Bernini. There are number of artificial grots on the territory of the park.

Such famous people as Franz Habsburg and Herzog Franz Ferdinand used to be the owners of villa.

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Villa d’Este is for sure one of main attractions of Italy and one of most beautiful monuments of architecture. Villa is perfectly fitted into the local landscape, consisting of Italian garden, more then 500 fountains and a number of lakes, cascades and grots.

The architecture of villa combines the samples of ancient Rome style and Renaissance epoch.

From the very moment villa was created it became a sample of sophisticated style and served as a sample for many landscape designers.

Almost half a million tourists are visiting Villa d’Este and Tivoli fountains each year to enjoy the marvelous masterpiece of Italy.

The complex of buildings of villa was created per initiative of Ippolito d’Este, who was exiled to Tivoli as a Governor in 1550. He decided to refresh the residence and make it more attractive, having arranged a park on its territory.

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During the construction period a lot of ancient sculptures and statutes were found on the territory of villa. Some of them were preserved and installed in the park, gallery and garden.

Alberto Galvani, an engineer and Pirra Ligorio, an artist were hired to create the draft of the complex. These two gifted men erected marvelous garden on the territory of former monastery, having created complicated hydro-technical constructions, supplying water for the fountains.

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Given the hilly territory of villa the work of the architects of villa d’Este is really worth admiration.

It took 22 years for Ippolito d’Este to create villa.

The last person who was the owner of villa was Franz Ferdinand and after the Second World War villa was nationalized. The last restoration works were after the Second World War.

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How to get to villa d’Este

Villa is located approximately 24 km from Rome and one can get there by train from Termini or Tibertini train stations.

Alternatively you can get to Villa d’Este by bus, from Ponte Mammolo metro station.

Every 30 minutes buses leave for Tivoli. The trip to villa d’Este will take round 30 minutes and you will arrive to piazza Cimitero. Villa is located approximately 10 minutes walk from the station.

Work hours of villa d’Este:

During summer season villa is open from 08:30 till the sunset.

On Mondays villa is closed.

If you are planning to see most of villa, you would need at least one hour and a half.

Most of the fountains are working all the time and only two are turned off according to the schedule.

Organ fountain starts functioning at 10:30 and then is off on every 2 hours.

Villa d’Este is a masterpiece of Middle Ages architecture which is astonishing due to constructive ideas and symbolism, where every detail is meaningful.

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