Trip to Venice is something you must do if you are visiting Italy. This is the place, where every street and building has the story of its own. There is no other place in the world, with same number of amazing architecture samples and stunning seaviews. Book your trip to Venice and you will be inspired by the atmosphere of this amazing place.

Where to start a trip in Venice?

No matter where to start – all the travel spots are unique in Venice. The city on the water reminds theater decorations, magic power of which is fully preserved in its atmosphere.

Venice was built just 4 km from the shore on 118 islands.

Venice is also a big port city with a population of 350 thousand people. The city is connected with continent by a 4 km railroad and bridge.

trip to Venice

Venice is the city of bridges and channels. The islands are separated from each other by 160 channels and connected by 400 bridges.

No one travels by car in Venice. If you are traveling by car and intend to make a trip to Venice, leave your car at a huge parking lot Piazza Roma, at the entrance to the city.

Boats and gondolas are the main means of transport in Venice.

The best way to explore Venice and visit all the narrow old streets and squares are walking tours. You can combine walking around the city with a trip by gondola in Venice.

Things to do in Venice

The city was founded in 811 B.C. and by the end of the 15th century a tiny village turned into a powerful state of Europe – The Republic of Venice (Italian: Repubblica di Venezia).

It had influence over several regions of Italy and local lords were considered almost the most reach and respectful people of the Middle Ages Europe.

Venice is also an important cultural center. Famous Biennale of the modern Art, world known cinema festival are held in Venice.

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There are several islands in Venice lagoon:

Lido island, located 2 km from San Marko Square. During summer time the Lido island turns into a luxury resort with beautiful sandy beaches from the seaside, shady alleys and casinos. All spectrum of entertainments is in one place. Lots of art exhibitions, international cinema, theater and music festivals are regularly arranged in Lido island.

Murano island is world known for production of Venetian glass.

Burano island is the island of fishermen, and also known for its lacework and a number of beautifully colored homes.

If someone wants to change a color of their home, it is required to send official request to the local authorities. After consideration of the request a certain color for the house will be approved.

Torchello island is a cradle of the Venetian civilization. This is a serene piece of land with the population of about 100 people and number of stunning art pieces, which are still well preserved.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Church of Santa Fosca, and Devils Bridge are the main attractions of the Torchello island.

San Michele island – is the old cemetery of Venice, famous by its history and people who are buried here – Diaghilev, Stravinsky, Greek and Russian princesses.

In 1807 it was decided that due to unsanitary conditions in Venice, San Michele island will become a cemetery after being a prison location for a number of years.

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