Ventimiglia is located in Liguria coast of the Mediterranean sea. The city is divided into two parts by the Roia river, which is falling into the sea.

The western part of Ventimiglia is located on the hill and this is where the old town is located. The new town is based in the Eastern part of Ventimiglia. This is flat territory which consists mainly of modern constructions.

What places to visit and things to do in Ventimiglia?

The old town of Ventimiglia is a labyrinth of mid ages narrow streets. This is the area of mid ages constructions and architecture. High buildings and casino can be also found in the old town.

Among the most interesting places to see in Ventimiglia are: Cathedral of St. Maria at Via Garibaldi and the Church of Archangel Mikhail of Xth century.

The Eastern part of the city is a popular destination for youth entertainment. There are numerous night clubs, discos and restaurants here.

During summer visiting the beach would also be a great idea. 🙂

Ventimigia is a nice place for romantic date or meeting with friends – there are number of cozy cafes and restaurants along the seacoast line offering the clients amazing food.

Ventimiglia things to do

Day trips are regularly arranged from France for the tourists willing to taste Italian life. For example travel agencies offer individual and group tours from Nice to Ventimiglia. For tourists preferring to arrange trips themselves there is an option to go to Ventimiglia by train from Nice. The ticket costs EUR 6.40 for adults.

Train tickets to Ventimiglia can be bought along the coastline in other cities in auto machines.

Why people come to Ventimiglia market?

One of the reasons why so many people from French coast and Italy are coming daily to Ventimiglia is to buy fresh and tasty food at the local market. City market is the main attraction for many tourists as well.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are always on the shelves of the market place here. Tasty delicatessens as well as authentic Italian food is for sale in various sections of the market. Fresh flowers and plants are a huge part of the market spot.

Ventimiglia market is open daily from 7am in the morning till 1pm during weekdays. On Fridays and Saturdays most of the market stalls are working.

Ventimiglia travel photo

For real shoppers best time to come to Ventimiglia market is Friday, when the center of town becomes a huge shopping area. They offer everything for sale the – clothes, food, shoes….

Well known brand boutiques are open in the center of the city.

Places to see near Ventimiglia in Italy

If you are visiting Ventimiglia plan a trip to Hanbury gardens located near the city. These are 18 hectares gardens of old trees and exotic plants. Also the views over the sea and mountains are marvelous and you definitely will enjoy this trip.

Another idea of what to see near Ventimiglia is visiting Archeological museum of Girolamo Rossi in a Fortress. This is the exhibition of very interesting artifacts which were found in this area.

Alternatively you can plan a trip to San Remo or the capital of Liguria region – Genoa. (which is about 3 hours by train)

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