​The most famous tourist places of Pisa are changing the work schedule, time for access for tourists from now on will be different. Such an announcement was made on the official local website of Museum complex.

Pisa Tower Italy

During the period from the 17th of June till the 31st of August the Pisa Tower and the cemetery will be open till 10pm. The local authorities approved extension of open hours of the main tourist attractions of the city because of summer high season, when the number of people willing to attend famous spots grows.

In the cemetery Campo-Santo they just finished the restoration works by the beginning of summer.

When going to Pisa keep in mind that Pisa Tower is open from 8:30am, while the cemetery is open from 8am. Tickets are sold at 18 EUR and 5 EUR accordingly.

This is common practice when popular tourist sights change the open hours schedule depending on the season.

For Example Coliseum in Rome is open for visitors from 8:30am till 7:15pm, the Eiffel Tower welcomes tourists from the 15th of June till the 1st of September, being open half an hour earlier – at 9:00am and will be closed at 00:45.

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