Trip planner to Italy will guide you through the most famous and popular tourist spots in the country. Read our travel guides to get ready for your Italian holidays in the nearest future.

San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world after Monaco and Vatican. The territory of San Marino is surrounded by Italy from all the parts of its boarders. San Marino boarders with Emilia-Romania in Northern Eats and with Marche region in South West. It is visited my millions of tourists every year […]

What are your plans for visiting Florence? Did you already make a list of things to do in Florence? Discover unique Italian city, museum under the open air. Florence is located on the banks of Arno River and is the center of Tuscany. The name of Florence is translated from Italian as “in blossom”. According […]

Vatican is an independent state of Italy – a major tourist attraction in Rome. It was founded in 1929 according to the Agreement between the government of Italy and Catholic Church in Rome. Vatican is the smallest state in the world. It covers the territory of 0,44 square kilometers. The international population counts about 1000 citizens. […]

Visiting Pompeii and Vesuvius mountain would be an adventure if you are interested in history and archaeology. From the history of Pompeii and Vesuvius mountain In August 79 AD eruption of Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii and buried the city under the tones of volcanic ash. About 2000 thousand people died then and the city was buried […]

Gondola tours in Venice Italy are a must to do program item if you want to feel the true atmosphere of the city. Gondola tours are very popular among the couples, just married and those who want to feel the true atmosphere of Venice. Gondola tours in Venice Italy can be easily booked in advance via […]

Trip to Venice is something you must do if you are visiting Italy. This is the place, where every street and building has the story of its own. There is no other place in the world, with same number of amazing architecture samples and stunning seaviews. Book your trip to Venice and you will be inspired […]

The Bridge of Sighs is among the top popular spots for tourists visiting romantic Venice in Italy. It was designed by Antonio Contino in Baroque style. In shape the Bridge of Sighs is an arch. They started to build it in 1600 and opened in 1602. The purpose of constructing the bridge was to connect old […]

Our brief Italy travel planner will help you get ready for the visit to Italy. You will review rough information about the regions, find out how to differentiate between train station categories and remember emergency phone numbers juts in case. Italy is the country where you will leave a piece of your heart for ever […]