Loreto is located on the right bank of Musone river, which is falling into the Adriatic Sea and is a part of Ankona province of Marke region.

Visit local Santa Casa basilica, which is closely connected with the history of the city.

The city was growing around Santa Casa over years.

Santa Casa is an extremely important and widely known since it is believed that St Elena during her trip found the house where the St Maria lived in Nazareth. She ordered to build a church on this place.

In XIII century, when the invaders were leaving the place, they destroyed the church built by Elena. Further destiny of the House was under questions mark.

There is beautiful catholic legend, according to which in order to protect the house of St Maria from destruction, the angels moved the house to Dalmatia and after that it turned out to be in Loreto.

The official version states that the house was brought to Italy by a ship.

Address of Santa Casa

Piazza della Madonna, 1, 60025 Loreto AN, Italy

Telephone:+39 071 974 7155

How to get to Loreto

The closest airport is located 30 km from the city in Ankona.

Also you can make a trip to Loreto from Ankona by ferry. There is train station in Loreto and it is reachable by train. If you are travelling by car  – follow route A14.

Interesting places of Loreto

Most of the monuments of Loreto are located in the central part of the city around the main square.

This is college of Jesuits and the City Palace, Palazzo Comunale.

The Palace was erected based on the draft of Donato Bramante in Renaissance style.

Currently works of Italian and French artists are exhibited in the Palace.

Interesting places to go are Town Hall and Acquedotto degli Archi, built according to the order of Pope Pavel V in 1016 – 1620.

Museum of Aviation (Museo storico aeronautico) is the exhibition of military forms and unique artifacts.

Loreto is located just few kilometers from another seaside city Porto – Rekanati – 6 km and Kastelfinado, about 7 km.

The last one is famous for being the international center of accordions production.

Piazza del Republica is the main square and this is the location of the International accordions museum and the St Stephan’s Church.

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