High fines do not seem to be an effective measure that’s why complete ban on smoking is being imposed at all the beaches of Italy.

Up to EUR 300 is the amount to be paid for those who throw away stubs on the beach is not a sufficient measure members of Codacons believe – association of consumers’ rights protection.

Beaches are the places with high density of people, coming to rest and relax. Some people smoke and some don’t, but since being in the same place people who don’t smoke are forced to breathe the smoke. Needless to say, children become passive smokers as well in such situation.

There should be introduced a single law disallowing smoking on all public beaches in Italy.


no smoking at the beach Italy

According to the research performed by the Institute of Cancer in Milano the level of pollution of the environment because of smoking under umbrellas exceeds the level of air pollution in the zone with high car traffic.

At some of the beaches of Italy, smoking was banned early in 2014.

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