Pisa Tower of Italy is also known as Leaning Tower. The construction of the tower started in 1173 and same year the tower began to fall.

The construction of Pisa Tower was performed in two stages with two breaks.

The first one from 1173 till 1369. The tower started to fall, as some experts believe, because of the underground waters or because of the base, which was not firm enough.

Till the moment of the restoration the angle was 5,5 grades to the South. As of now the angle is only 4.

Interesting facts about Pisa Tower

Bonnano Pisano started the construction of Pisa Tower. As soon as the first floor was ready the angle started to be seen. The construction works were stopped and the master left the city.

Interesting fact about Pisa Tower is that its height is about the height of the 8 floor building. The weight is about 14 453 tones.

There is a legend that Galileo Gallilei was performing his experiments on Pisa tower. He was standing on the last floor and threw down some objects, trying to prove that the speed of the falling object doesn’t depend on its weight.

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According to the primary plan the Pisa Tower was to have 10 floors and all of them with balconies. Also they were going to build bell tower. The height of the tower was supposed to be 98 meters, but only 56 were erected.

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Pisa Tower has 7 bells and all of them are set to the 7 music notes. The sounds of the Pisa Tower bells are considered to be the most melodic ones.

Half of the tower was reconstructed in 1233, and in 1275 Giovanni di Simone began to participate in construction works. He built only the 5th floor.

In 1350 under the guidance of Andrea Pisano they finished the 8th circle and put Bell tower on the top.

Pisa Tower remains one of the most interesting and popular places of Italy.

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