Italy is the country that you will discover each time you travel here. Each of the regions of Italy has the life of its own, with special cuisine, traditions, preferences, language and culture.

If you are ordering coffee in English in restaurant or café in Italy, there is a chance that the drink will cost you twice more. At the same time for local citizens prices in cafes and bars can be much lower then for the tourists.

For Italians taking food is an important ritual and main dish is usually served in the evening.

Almost all the highways in Italy are with paid entrance and speed is limited to 130km per hour.

There are 54 police organizations in Italy and all of them are entitled for having arms.

Interesting fact about Italy is while Italians are submitting the annual Tax declaration one should also commit an amount to Catholic Church. Most of Italians are Catholics.

Florence is the city in Tuscany with the biggest walking zone in Europe.

95 % of the population of Italy are Italians. They say that 20% of the population of Italy still do not understand official Italian language.

There is tradition in Italy – if three men are smoking the youngest should be the first to extinguish the cigarette.

If you are making purchases make sure to keep the receipt, since you can be stopped by finance police at the exit from the shop, asking to confirm your purchases. If you don’t have the receipt they can apply fines.

And may be one the most interesting facts about Italy is that …Lamborghini was earlier famous for production of tractors!

In Italy it is forbidden to stay at the beach during the night time, a fine for violation of this rule is 1000 EUR.

Policemen of Italy wear the form designed by Prada.

Some of the organizations of Italy allow joining only for family members.

Every village and city has the Saint of its own.

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Italians treat people with blue eyes with suspect, thinking they can send curse.

Opening umbrella in the building is considered to be a bad sign, bringing bad luck.

In many regions of Italy Friday is considered a men’s day and you will see only men in bars and restaurants.

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