To rent a car in Italy you would need valid driving license. If you are a non EU citizen then you would need international driving license.

If you are using only national driving license the state authorities of Italy can apply fines in the amount from 300 EUR.

To rent a car in Italy you would need to have credit card (Classic type or higher) with enough funds to be blocked as a deposit. The amount available for blocking should be not less then 500 EUR.

If you are renting a car in Italy you should also consider purchase of additional insurance, which is from 10EUR a day. This includes repay for any scratches and dents, which may occur during the trip.

Italy has a well developed system of public transportation. It is easy to get to almost any part of the country.

Between remote places of Italy it is more comfortable to take internal routes.

One way ticket in public transport in Italy costs 1-1.20 EUR and tourist ticket for one day costs 3-5 EUR.

The advantage of this kind of ticket is that it allows unlimited travel by all means of public transportation.

“Settimanale” or sometimes called CIS is the ticket for one week and it can be purchased at 12 EUR. You can buy it only in booths of ATAS.

If you decided to catch a taxi in the street it will not be an easy task.

It is advisable to go to special parking lot or to call a car from the hotel, bar or even a shop.

Taxi costs per kilometer are 1 Euro plus about 3 EURO for placing the order for taxi.

Keep in mind that if you have luggage additional costs will be applied.

Taxi trips will be more expensive during the weekends, on holidays and during night time.

Every official taxi company has a plate in English, with a price list for any additional costs: luggage, night travel, on weekends and for the trip to airport.

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