Gondola tours in Venice Italy are a must to do program item if you want to feel the true atmosphere of the city.

Gondola tours are very popular among the couples, just married and those who want to feel the true atmosphere of Venice.

Gondola tours in Venice Italy can be easily booked in advance via internet or you can ask for advise in the hotel are staying in Venice. What can be more romantic then discovering Venice from old gondola?

Tourists can join group Gondola tours in Venice Italy or select an individual trip, which will be a bit more expensive. Anyway both ways to explore Venice will be fun.

There is also an opportunity of booking a tour in Venice with serenade, then your trip by gondola will be accompanied with Italian singing.

Gondola tours in Venice are usually about 40 minutes duration and you can chose departure in the afternoon or in the evening at your convenience.

The Venetian gondolas used to be main means of transportation in 12th century. In shape they remind canoe, all colored in black, managed by a single sailor – gondolier.

Gondolas in Venice are mainly tourist attraction today, but you can also ask a gondolier to take you to the location you need to get at the agreed price.

Alternatively you can join a board and explore Grand Channel of Venice in a vaporetto – a 230 passenger boat. Tickets for vaporetto are for sale at most stops and Tickets and passes points.

Amazing views will show up in front of you, telling about the history of Venice. Stunning architecture, splendid palaces, which belonged to rich families and were a sign of prosperity are still catching attention of tourists.

Don’t miss this amazing chance to see the Grand Channel of Venice and other sightseeing accompanied with Italian serenade.

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