We have listed number of best places to visit in Italy. No doubt Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world and it is not easy to decide which place to visit during short vacations.

Picturesque places, awesome historical monuments, amazing cuisine and special atmosphere are attracting visitors all year round to Italy.

Genoa – city break for romantic travelers

If you are planning a trip to Italy you should book a visit to Genoa.

This is a classic Italian city located among the hills. Main tourists spots in Genoa are: plenty of houses of pastel colors with terracotta roofs, beautiful churches, gardens and castles of baroque epoch.

Historical center of Genoa with narrow streets is the main attraction of the city.

Is Pisa one of the best places to visit in Italy?

Pisa is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Italy. It is located on the bank of Arno river in Tuscany region. Of course most people know about Pisa thanks to leaning Tower, which is special attraction of the city.

What do you know about Naples city

Tourists who prefer noisy and dynamic cities can plan to visit Naples. Best places to visit in Italy Napoli

This is one of the liveliest cities of Italy, capital of Campania region in the South of country.

Citizens of Naples believe that they belong to a separate ethnic group. This is expressed in language, culture, traditions and cuisine.

Naples is considered to be the birth place of pizza, guitar and mandolin, masquerades and the first anti-fascist revolts.

Special places to see in Italy – Sienna city

Among the best places to visit in Italy is of course Sienna. This is a tiny special place that will take you back in time to Middle Ages.

Piazza del Campo is the center of the city. Sienna was founded on three hills in the very center of Tuscany.

You can plan visiting Sienna to attend famous Palio horse racing, taking place in summer.

In the Northern east of Liguria there is nature reserve Cinque Terre (5 lands), Riomagiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso and Kornilia. The Cinque tree is under the protection of UNESCO and this is one of favorite places of Italians and guests visiting Italy.

Make a trip to Amalfi coast – destination number one for vacations

Trip to Italy cannot be complete if you have not been to Amalfi coast, in the South East of country.

Amazing beauty of the landscapes makes it one of the top places to visit in Italy.

Amalfi coast is stretching for 30 miles of Sorrento. Amalfi coast is an unusual place with breathtaking landscapes, crystal clean waters and olive trees, vineyards and lemon gardens.

Luxury resorts of Sorrento, Pozitano, Amalfi, Ravello are located here.

Other popular tourist locations in Italy

Ravello is a tiny peaceful resort city with a beautiful view over the Mediterranean sea. Amazing beauty of this city attracted Vivaldi, Hemingway, Vagner and Lord Bairon. This is a very romantic place with lots of bridges, gondolas, narrow streets and small houses.

Venice best places for visiting Italy

Sailing in gondola in Venice

Visiting Venice

Everybody is dreaming of visiting Venice – unique city surrounded by Adriatic coast, located in the North East of Italy and consisting of 118 islands and numerous bridges.

Grand channel is the most famous one and it divides the city into two parts.

In the top list of places to visit in Italy Milan should of course be mentioned as one of the richest cities of Europe, fashion center with numerous design shops.

Traveling to Florence

Italy is incredible for the numerous interesting places, rich collections of historical monuments and paintings. Here of course we should mention charming Florence, sometimes called museum in open air. Almost in every part of the city you can find museums, churches and galleries.

Best places for visiting Italy

Hope you will enjoy trip to Italy and will have very pleasant memories after visiting this beautiful country.

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