Trip planner to Italy will guide you through the most famous and popular tourist spots in the country. Read our travel guides to get ready for your Italian holidays in the nearest future.

​The most famous tourist places of Pisa are changing the work schedule, time for access for tourists from now on will be different. Such an announcement was made on the official local website of Museum complex. During the period from the 17th of June till the 31st of August the Pisa Tower and the cemetery […]

High fines do not seem to be an effective measure that’s why complete ban on smoking is being imposed at all the beaches of Italy. Up to EUR 300 is the amount to be paid for those who throw away stubs on the beach is not a sufficient measure members of Codacons believe – association of […]

Ventimiglia is located in Liguria coast of the Mediterranean sea. The city is divided into two parts by the Roia river, which is falling into the sea. The western part of Ventimiglia is located on the hill and this is where the old town is located. The new town is based in the Eastern part […]

To rent a car in Italy you would need valid driving license. If you are a non EU citizen then you would need international driving license. If you are using only national driving license the state authorities of Italy can apply fines in the amount from 300 EUR. To rent a car in Italy you […]

Italy is the country that you will discover each time you travel here. Each of the regions of Italy has the life of its own, with special cuisine, traditions, preferences, language and culture. If you are ordering coffee in English in restaurant or café in Italy, there is a chance that the drink will cost […]

Loreto is located on the right bank of Musone river, which is falling into the Adriatic Sea and is a part of Ankona province of Marke region. Visit local Santa Casa basilica, which is closely connected with the history of the city. The city was growing around Santa Casa over years. Santa Casa is an extremely […]

We have listed number of best places to visit in Italy. No doubt Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world and it is not easy to decide which place to visit during short vacations. Picturesque places, awesome historical monuments, amazing cuisine and special atmosphere are attracting visitors all year round to […]

Pisa Tower of Italy is also known as Leaning Tower. The construction of the tower started in 1173 and same year the tower began to fall. The construction of Pisa Tower was performed in two stages with two breaks. The first one from 1173 till 1369. The tower started to fall, as some experts believe, […]

Shopping in Italy becomes a trend in tourist business, when people visiting Italy not only to enjoy the magnificent historical places but also for shopping. High quality clothes and other best brands stuff can be purchased in Italy with at least 20% discount in comparison to other countries. Some tourist companies offer special tours for shoppers, […]

There is a wonderful place just 24km from Rome – the city of Tivoli. Almost every tourist coming to Italy plans to visit Tivoli and its awesome place – Villa d’Este. Its marvelous garden became a sample for Versailles and Petergoff. Villa d’Este is one of the most famous buildings of XVI century.   Starting […]