There are about 1000 abandoned cities of the world. They got devastated due to nature disasters, wars and crises.

What happened to Centralia city in USA?

Centralia city is located in Pennsylvania State. The story of this city was used as a background for shooting Silent Hill movie. The city has been taken out of all the maps and was terminated because of permanent fires. This is a deserted and abandoned place now.

Story of formerly rich and prosperous Centralia, now one of the abandoned cities of the world

Centralia used to be a very prosperous city due to coal mining. The peculiarity of the place was that the coal was very close to the surface and easy to get. But with time coal mining was stopped and people started earning for living thanks to farming.

One day on the eve of city check the Mayer of the city decided to clean it up and ordered to collect all garbage outside Centralia to burn it. But it turned that the coal was too close to the surface and coal started burning as well. The coal mines continued to burn even after the garbage was destroyed. It made the surface of the city blow up and let the fire outside. This process continues till now and Centralia became one of the abandoned places in the world.

In spite of almost impossible conditions for living the citizens of the city did not leave it for a long time, even when the air was polluted. Only after severe unpredictable underground pushes the authorities of the city decided to close Centralia.

Prypyat – abandoned city in Ukraine

The city of Pripyat is located in the North of Ukraine in Kiev oblast. It is world known for a sad accident that took place on the 26th of April in 1986. 43 000 people were evacuated over 3 hours from Pripyat on 1100 buses. They were told that this is a temporary measure and they are leaving their homes only for few hours. But it turned out that even in 25 years it is not possible to live Pripyat.

The accident took place in Chernobyl nuclear station polluting a tremendous level of radiation into the air.

Later KGB pointed out to the mistakes in constructions of the reactor’s building, identified during the examination. The accident happened in the night of April 26th, but evacuation started only about 2pm on April 27. Before this moment no one knew of what happened and no one assumed that the city will be listed as one of the abandoned cities of the world.

Lost places of USA – Detroit

Detroit city is located to the North of USA at the boarder with Canada. It cannot be called totally abandoned since about 600 thousand people still live there. More then half of the population is struggling to survive. A lot of the districts of the city are not available for living and people left them.

1950 was the year when the population of Detroit reached its maximum – almost 2 million people. It was a popular city and a lot of people were striving to come here to get employed at the plants.

In 1960 the workers began to leave the city and started living outside Detroit. At the same time prices for real estate began to drop. The breaking point were a number of crises which started in the second half of XX century. It led to closure of most of the plants.

Luxury resort Sanzhi in Taiwan turns into a ghost city

Sanzhi was an amazing resort built in Taiwan. The design of the city was meant to attract maximum of rich tourists and investors. When construction works started a lot of workers began to die because of unknown diseases, some fell down from height and many other weird things happened.

Local citizens were certain that this was a curse of evil spirits of Sanzhi. Some people say that earlier this place used to be a “death camp” organized by Japanese.

Finally authorities stopped the works in 1980. Those apartments and villas that already were built were not sold. The authorities of Sanzhi anyway decided not to destroy erected buildings, since this can make the evil spirits angry again…

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