Try something new and spend your vacations in one of the most famous underwater hotels!

Underwater hotels are getting more and more audience each year, being a new trend in tourism. Fortunately today’s technologies are such that mankind can afford things that years ago were considered a miracle.

Spending vacations in underwater hotels is our reality and there is nothing unusual any more when we see underwater tours in travel agencies. Yet they are not extremely popular and cheap but affordable to certain cluster of people and do not seem to be too remote for the rest soon.

We prepared short summary on 6 most known underwater hotels in the world.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

On one hand this hotel can be related to underwater hotels with a note, that only a part of the hotel is located under the water. This part is a restaurant. The whole area is about 45 m2 at the depth of 7 meters inside of coral riffs. This is a tiny underwater restaurant for 7 tables only.

Of course visitors can get a seat here only upon preliminary booking. This is a popular place and sometimes people willing to visit it need to wait for few weeks or even months. Long waiting for the underwater dinner is well compensated when you see fish slope, fish of all colors or moray eels nearby.

Even though bigger part of the hotel is located above the water visitors are offered to stay for a night under water as well. There is special underwater box for persons, fully equipped with necessary items. It is very popular among just married couples.

Vacations in underwater hotels is not the cheapest option to spend your holidays, but the impressions you’d get visiting it do not go into comparison with anything else.

Price per night in the underwater hotel starts from 1500 USD per couple.

The Manta Resorts in Tanzania – another underwater hotel for vacations in Paradise

The Manta Resort is located in the island of Pemba not far from Zanzibar. The whole hotel is located on the ground with one suite in the waters of Indian ocean, about 300 meters from the shore.

This drifting suite is located on three floors. The first floor is with a bathroom and dining room, located at the sea level. One level up there is terrace to get sunburn. The underwater part of the hotel is 4 meters under water and consists of a bedroom with panoramic 360° view.

Night rate in Manta resort starts from USD 1500 per couple.

Underwater hotel in Europe – visit Sweden for another travel experience

Utter Inn Hotel in located in Sweden, Vasteras, in Malaren Lake not far from Stockholm. This underwater hotel very small, and this is ideal place to rest from noise and crowds. The bedroom of the hotel is located 3 meters under the water and reminds cabin by design. Only two bedrooms are available here. There is kitchen, dining room and terrace on deck.

Considering price level of hotel in UAE and Maldives night rate for two in Utter Inn is considerably lower. Two persons can get a room at EUR 400. If you are planning to stay here in summer it is better to book a room in advance, in winter for example.

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives, hotel to visit and never forget

The luxury villas of the hotel are located on the land, while the only in the world underwater saloon Lima is under water.

SPA procedures in this area are called rituals and include exotic ones. For example one can get massage with wooden chopsticks or coco palm and coco oil.

Price per night in this luxury hotel in the waters of Indian Ocean starts from USD 1000 per night. SPA saloon offers services, which start from USD 300 per one.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida, USA

Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the first underwater hotel in USA, built in 1980s. Visitors can get inside the hotel only with aqualungs and the entrance door is in the floor.

Some time ago this was an underwater station to study the sea floor. Now it has been rebuilt for the purposes of the underwater hotel for 6 persons. There are 2 bedrooms, common kitchen, bathroom and a dining room.

Night rate in this hotel starts from USD 250 per couple.

Caribbean Sea and Lovers Deep underwater hotel

Jule Vern inspired designers of this hotel. You can get personal cook, champagne, plenty of seafood, etc. This is a luxury place with appropriate level of services.

Night rate in Lovers Deep starts from USD 280 000 – yeh, there is no mistake in this figure. Minimal period of renting (of the whole submarine)  is 2 days.

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