Capsule hotels are gaining more and more popularity. Why this happens?

They say capsule hotels will keep growing in number and becoming more popular among the tourists. Why are they gaining so much popularity within short period of time? One of the reasons of course is the price. Even business travelers give preference to this type of the hotels.

The most popular region, where capsule hotels are in demand is Asia.

The conditions of booking capsule hotels are rather flexible – traveler is charged per hour and not by night. These hotels are often located near the airport and in the area close to the city center.

Co-working space can be offered in addition to overnight stay in a modern capsule hotel like in Kyoto. This is how one can make more friends, potential business colleagues and more, while communicating with guests of the hotel.

Some of the hotels offer their clients a book shelf, with a nice selection of books for reading. Another hotel offers staying at their location for USD 2 for 30 minutes stay.

Capsule hotels originated in Japan in 1970s.

Would you prefer to stay in a capsule hotel one day?

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